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Anatomy of a Holiday Ad



A Video Exploration

What started out as an internal show-and-tell evolved into a nineteen-minute video tutorial exploring the thinking, decision making, and graphical execution for a recent holiday ad created for our client, ProvisionTools. I had a lot of fun creating this ad and I thought others might enjoy a peek under the hood to see what was involved.

For those who are graphic designers (fellow pixel-pushers), I share numerous techniques that you may not have discovered that will serve you well. 

For those who are less hands-on but interested in learning more about image compositing, I think this demo will hold your attention. 

And finally, for those who know me only as the owner of MojoMediaPros and are surprised to learn I do any hands-on graphic design, allow me to paraphrase John Lennon and simply say, “I hope I passed the audition.”

Video Demo – 19:00
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