7 Keys to Creating Successful Integrated Marketing Campaigns


What Is Integrated Marketing and Why Is It Important?

In short, Integrated marketing allows your company to create a strategic multi-channel marketing campaign that more effectively targets audiences through better alignment, clarity, and brand consistency...

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How to Tune Your Pitch Deck to Impress Investors


Advice for Creating a Pitch Deck That Will Stand Out from the Competition

What is the actual definition of a pitch? Typically, a pitch is a one-time chance to position your business, product, or service and the value you are offering. It’s often your only shot at winning over an audience...

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How to Research to Optimize Your SEO Opportunities


Doing Your Research Will Lead You to Opportunities

There are many opportunities to rank on the first page, but you must first do your homework about your audience and what content will meet the searcher's intent –going beyond keyword research to understand the searcher's journey...

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7 Powerful Lessons To Be Learned From My Trash Guys


A Little Trash Talk

We can all learn a ton about life, business, and effective client service by simply following the trash collection guys around my old neighborhood. Their names are Chris and Buck. The fact that I even know their names speaks volumes...

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These guys truly were amazing!
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Nice article. Thanks!
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EIN's: All the Best-Dressed Freelancers are Wearing One


Up Your Freelance Game: Apply for an EIN

As a freelancer, I sometimes forget I am running a company of one. I am both the product and the advertising, the management, and the HR department (self-care days are mandatory here). If you’re a freelancer, you're a business owner...

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No Marketing Is Better Than Bad Marketing


You Only Get One First Impression

Maybe you’re thinking that the title of this blog (and the answer it implies) is mere hyperbole. Nope. Still, there seem to be plenty of entrepreneurs who disagree. They insist, against all evidence to the contrary, that DIY marketing is a great way to gain market share while saving money...

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Virtual Realities and A Bit of Holiday Cheer from MojoMediaPros


Investing In Remote Culture

If you’re wondering how the Hollywood Christmas Parade photo above relates to MojoMediaPros, or to investing in remote-team culture, read on. We’ll get there – I promise. 

Among other, even less pleasant challenges, 2020 will be remembered as the year everyone learned how to work from home...

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10 Tools to Boost Your Productivity on the Road


Digital nomads are reinventing the traditional home office, and I am one of them.

Ever look at your home office and think: “I could take this on the road”? That’s exactly what my husband and I thought at the beginning of 2019. One puppy, one wedding, and just about one year later, we have taken our work/life balancing act out on the road and are living out our dream ...

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5 UX Problem-Solving Tips You Should Know


The Challenges in UX Design, Aren't Always the Ones You’d Expect

Healthcare is certainly an industry where innovation is lacking, and not for lack of trying. The industry is slow-moving and always a little hesitant to react, understandably, as there are often many repercussions if done wrong. One such company doing its part to shake things up...

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The High Cost of Failing to Protect the Crown Jewels


Domain Names — Way More than Branding

Having created websites and providing digital services to clients for the past 25 years, I feel like I’ve seen it all, including a lot of unnecessary drama around domain ownership and registration...

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