Marketing 101.4 - Domain Names, Responsive Web Design, and Smart Marketing for Small Business Owners 


Unfamiliar Yet Crucial Marketing Know-How

If you’ve been following along with our exclusive client education series then you’ve already digested a wealth of knowledge on social media best practices, content marketing, and SEO. In this article, we’re going to discuss some final essential pieces that you’ll want to fully grasp in order to prevent mistakes and heartaches as a new or established business owner.

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Marketing 101.3 - Two Key Concepts for Smart Business Owners Who Don't Know a lot about SEO

Marketing-101.3 Key SEO Concepts

SEO for Smarties Who Need to Learn Some Crucial Basics

Ah, SEO. For most business owners, it’s a foreign language. However, fully embracing SEO is vital to the success of your business. It truly isn’t as scary as you might think, either. In this article, we’re going to break down some basics for you, which should give you the confidence you need to begin implementing it into your marketing strategy.

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7 Keys to Creating Successful Integrated Marketing Campaigns


What Is Integrated Marketing and Why Is It Important?

In short, Integrated marketing allows your company to create a strategic multi-channel marketing campaign that more effectively targets audiences through better alignment, clarity, and brand consistency...

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How to Research to Optimize Your SEO Opportunities


Doing Your Research Will Lead You to Opportunities

There are many opportunities to rank on the first page, but you must first do your homework about your audience and what content will meet the searcher's intent –going beyond keyword research to understand the searcher's journey...

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No Marketing Is Better Than Bad Marketing


You Only Get One First Impression

Maybe you’re thinking that the title of this blog (and the answer it implies) is mere hyperbole. Nope. Still, there seem to be plenty of entrepreneurs who disagree. They insist, against all evidence to the contrary, that DIY marketing is a great way to gain market share while saving money...

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The High Cost of Failing to Protect the Crown Jewels


Domain Names — Way More than Branding

Having created websites and providing digital services to clients for the past 25 years, I feel like I’ve seen it all, including a lot of unnecessary drama around domain ownership and registration...

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Market like a big brand, even if you aren’t one yet.


Introducing SmartStart — Comprehensive Digital Marketing For Modern Businesses

Earlier this year, I wrote a piece titled Entrepreneurship in the Face of Crisis for the MojoMediaPros blog. In it, I mentioned that we’ve been working on something pretty special...

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Creativity needs to be dangerous and unpredictable.


When everything becomes a little too comfortable and controlled, it’s easy to produce work that’s devoid of surprises.

Humans are very adept at falling into ruts. The more we do something, and the better we get at doing it, the greater the inclination to keep on doing it the very same way...

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What You Need to Know About Marketing Automation


How Marketing Automation Can Grow Your Business

Marketing is essential in making a business successful. Thanks to advances in technology, business owners now have more options than ever when it comes to marketing their business to attract new customers. One powerful tool that more and more business owners are using is marketing automation...

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6 Google Analytics Tools You Need To Be Using


Free Tools to Improve Your Digital Marketing Prowess

Google Analytics is one of the best free tools that you can arm yourself with when you’re trying to understand why your website visitors act the way they do. Any business owner should be able to speak to what’s happening on their website. Even if you have seasoned professionals managing your digital marketing... 

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