5 UX Problem-Solving Tips You Should Know


The Challenges in UX Design, Aren't Always the Ones You’d Expect

Healthcare is certainly an industry where innovation is lacking, and not for lack of trying. The industry is slow-moving and always a little hesitant to react, understandably, as there are often many repercussions if done wrong. One such company doing its part to shake things up...

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How To Check If Your Website Is Responsive


Find Out What Your Website Will Look Like on Different Screen Sizes.

Back in the early days of the world-wide-web, long before the release of the first smartphones, websites were designed strictly for desktop computer screens and the HTML structure was fairly simple. Today, things are radically different...

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Connecting the Dots – What You Need To Know About PWAs


PWA Primer: The Promise and The Emerging Reality

Recently, I spoke at Craft Content 2019. My topic was "Progressive Web Apps commonly referred to as PWAs.” If you don't already know about Progressive Web Apps, this presentation will get you up to speed...

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Is Easy to Learn the Enemy of Easy to Use?


Good user interface (UI) design will often favor one over the other.

Designing a good user interface (UI) is key to the success of any software application. While people may expect products to be easy-to-learn and easy-to-use, this isn’t always the goal of an effective UI...

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The 7 Hard Lessons of Digital Innovation

7-Hard-Lessons of Digital Product Design

Digital media lessons that have withstood the test of time.

This article is inspired by a talk I gave nearly three decades ago in the early days of interactive media. It was February of 1992 and I was leading a team of designers and programmers at a think tank imaginatively named GTE Imagitrek...

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Maximizing Web Presence to Attract Investors


The Role of SEO in attracting investors 

Recently, I had the opportunity to present to a group of startup business founders and entrepreneurs at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center. The topic we were asked to speak on was the role of social media in grooming your company for investment. 

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Presentation Matters

Presentation Matters

Not So Obvious 

As design professionals, we grow accustomed to developing ideas and reviewing work in progress. We “see” the comp or the rough idea in our mind’s eye for the finished work it will become. And at times we mistakenly project our comfort level onto others...

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The Power of a Prototype

The Power of a Prototype

In The Beginning...

Before tablets were commonplace there was the original iPad. Before there were smartphones in the hands of hundreds of millions of men, women, and children around the globe, there was the iPhone. Remember the comments? "A glass phone? Are you kidding?"...

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Fake It Till You Make It


An Approach To Prototyping That Sells

When it comes to web and mobile application development, it seems to me that many entrepreneurs and product teams are often too anxious to develop (coding implied) a proof of concept (POC) and much less interested in understanding the problem space or seeking user validation of a product’s viability...

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