How to be an Intelligent and Thriving Entrepreneur


Key Advice for Entrepreneurs in 2021 and beyond

Entrepreneurship is no easy career choice. With the responsibility of starting your own venture, things can get sticky, muddy, and downright arduous most days of the week. If you’re a new business owner needing some sound advice from someone who has been through it all, then this post is for you.

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How "Presenting Work Complete" Improves Remote Team Collaboration


A Key Concept for Virtual Collaboration

One major reality of the pandemic has been figuring out how to work from home effectively. Maybe you rearranged a room to project a more professional image on video, while others have had to learn to tune out random dog barks during serious meetings. We adapt. We figure it out...

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Freelancing 101.3: How to Increase Productivity and Creativity as a Freelancer


Achieving Productivity with Process, Tools, and Inspiring Business Models

Get ready to learn the importance of using processes when managing your workflow, lessons from successful, albeit, unassuming business models, and tools for increased work productivity when traveling.

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5-Minute SEO Crash Course for the Do It Yourself Marketer


SEO Guidance from the Pros on Marketing Your Business

Did we mention that this is an SEO Crash Course? Buckle up – if you're the dedicated, roll-up your sleeves do-it-yourselfer type, this article is for you. You don’t want to start marketing your business without these tools. 

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Freelancing 101.2: How to Start Promoting Yourself as a Creative Contractor Today


Quick and important Lessons in Freelancer Marketing

Welcome to part two of our freelancer series, where we're giving you the scoop on how to promote yourself as a creative contractor. If you can fiercely follow the processes summarized below, then you’ll be at a great starting point for enjoying a fruitful and flexible freelancing career...

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The Power of a Really Good Mark


Never Underestimate the Power of a Really Good Mark to Your Brand

Imagine presenting your preferred logo recommendation to a high-paying client and with much fanfare, you reveal an orange dot. Nothing else. A big orange dot. My knees are shaking just thinking about it...

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Freelancing 101.1: Tips to Become a Hirable and Profitable Creative Contractor


Guiding Principles and Crucial Tips for Creative Contractors

The freelance world can be a daunting place for some. Without proper education and enough momentum to get out there and establish great clients; it’s easy to get stuck in a rut. I’ve been there...

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7 Keys to Creating Successful Integrated Marketing Campaigns


What Is Integrated Marketing and Why Is It Important?

In short, Integrated marketing allows your company to create a strategic multi-channel marketing campaign that more effectively targets audiences through better alignment, clarity, and brand consistency...

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How to Tune Your Pitch Deck to Impress Investors


Advice for Creating a Pitch Deck That Will Stand Out from the Competition

What is the actual definition of a pitch? Typically, a pitch is a one-time chance to position your business, product, or service and the value you are offering. It’s often your only shot at winning over an audience...

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How to Research to Optimize Your SEO Opportunities


Doing Your Research Will Lead You to Opportunities

There are many opportunities to rank on the first page, but you must first do your homework about your audience and what content will meet the searcher's intent –going beyond keyword research to understand the searcher's journey...

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