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Freelancing 101.3: How to Increase Productivity and Creativity as a Freelancer


Achieving Productivity with Process, Tools, and Inspiring Business Models

We have officially reached the third and final installment of our freelancer blog series. If you read parts one and two of the series then you learned some valuable general information on freelancing in today’s world as well as some very useful networking know-how. For this post, we’ll be discussing productivity tips – a piece that’s absolutely mandatory to any fruitful contracting career. 

One of the best perks of being a freelancer is the ability to work from home – or anywhere in the world, really. Getting to wear pj's at your computer, drinking your favorite coffee at any time of day, and making money while sitting poolside on vacation is enough to sway many to a creative contracting career. However, without a traditional office climate, it can be easy to get pulled away from assignments and dragged into an abyss of texting, social media scrolling, household cleaning, and for some, Netflix binging.

Rather than focusing on these distractions though, let’s focus on things you can do to promote productivity in your everyday work life. In the excerpts below, you’ll learn the importance of using processes when managing workflow, lessons from successful, albeit unassuming, business models, and tools for increased productivity when traveling.

Process Importance Blog

Importance of Process and Why it Matters

While there are many creatives who are weary of the word "process" and believe it’s crushing to their creative spirit and energy, we are here to tell you that process can actually lead to more creative brainpower and freedom. When using a process in creative project management, it’s crucial to continuously evaluate its effectiveness. As shown with a helpful flowchart in the article linked below, the process needs to be easily understood by the entire team, established and used on every project and task, judged for areas of improvement, and open for feedback. 

So what exactly does this mean for creative freelancers? Find a process that works well for you, and soon it will become routine. Once you've established a routine, you’ll find that you have more mental energy and clarity when taking on new work. Thus; you’ll become much faster in completing assignments for clients. Process is truly a no-brainer! (Pun intended)

The Importance of Process and Why It Matters

Trash Guys Blog

7 Powerful Lessons to be Learned from my Trash Guys

There is something to be said about how “trash guys” do business. Their morale and productivity are both admirable and inspirational. As stated in the article below written by MojoMediaPros CEO, Steve Lomas, “We can all learn a ton about life, business, and effective client service by simply following the trash collection guys around my old neighborhood.”

These powerful lessons include hard work (aka hustle), courteous attitudes, efficiency, consideration to the needs of clients – with apologies whenever inconvenience occurs, smart business gestures (ie: simple holiday cards affixed to trash cans in December), flexibility with policies and rules when it will appease clients, and a team player approach to doing business.

7 Powerful Lessons To Be Learned From My Trash Guys

Digital Nomad Blog

10 Tools to Boost Your Productivity on the Road

Written by a Mojo Pro who proudly considers herself a “digital nomad,” as she lives (and works) in a van with her husband and dog; the article linked below is all about her favorite tools to boost productivity while traveling. If you’re a freelancer who thrives on regular travel for creative inspiration or you just have vacations lined up but still need to work, then this list is for you.

First, a personal WiFi network by the way of a dedicated SIM card will allow you to work without any anxiety over losing internet connectivity or worse – unsaved work! A WeBoost antenna will magically get you better service in a pinch and a cell tower locator app will be imperative in planning out potential gaps of service. Further, if you’re traveling in a van or RV which will allow it, you may want to consider installing solar power.

This list also includes tools like alternator charging gadgets for cell phone charging, VPN accounts for stable and secure internet, boondocking and camping apps, portable screens, Bluetooth headphones, and an iPad.

10 Tools to Boost Your Productivity on the Road

Even if you do nothing else to increase your work productivity; we highly suggest adapting some of the fundamental tips from the linked articles summed up above. We’d also encourage you to get dressed and ready for the day as if you’re going into an office, ensure your workspace is always tidy and cozy, make daily and weekly lists, and be mindful of your cell phone’s proximity to your hand as it can be all too easy to mindlessly scroll on a whim.

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