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Here are 10 Secrets for Surviving Quarantine


A Freelancer’s Perspective on Quarantine Readiness

Preface: This article was originally written in the early days of social distancing when it was still novel. The intent was to share a smile with our readers. We certainly appreciate the gravity of the lives lost and the countless lives at risk on the front lines, not to mention the economic disruption. In all of this, we remain committed to the healing value of a wink and smile.

2020 is currently a year of uncertainty, especially regarding the emerging Coronavirus pandemic.

Daily routines are being affected, and many people are getting introduced to the idea of social distancing by working from home and/or being under quarantine.

The very word, "Quarantine", sounds scary, but fear not. As a freelance designer who works from home, I've basically been living in quarantine for years. In my solitude, I've had plenty of time to find ways to make it as pleasant as possible.

Here are ten of my quarantine tips*


  1. Keep Stocked Up On toilet paper.

    In times of crisis, hoarding this critical tissue is a Nashville tradition. While a freelance designer can go to the store whenever to buy tissue, that doesn't make it less embarrassing. Stay stocked up and worry less. Note: disregard this tip if you are such a successful person that you have bidets in your house.

  2. Find the joy of talking to animals or yourself.

    You'll find that cats make better conversation partners than most people, despite them constantly needing food or to sit on your lap.

  3. Make sure you have plenty of food on hand.

    No one really likes talking to people at restaurants or the grocery store anyway. Plus, you can cook healthier and save money by eating at home. Do not do food delivery, as then a real person has to see that you've been in pajamas all day.

  4. Have an assortment of hobbies.

    Work can successfully kill some time, but when you're spending all day at home, you need distractions. Learn an instrument. Play video games. Draw. Read or listen to podcasts. Watch horrible 90s sitcoms. It's your castle, do whatever you want.

  5. Keep it clean.

    If you start leaving empty soda cans or dirty clothes everywhere, soon working from home is more like working from a dump. Not only does keeping the house clean make being inside more pleasant, but it also kills a lot of time that you've saved not having to drive anywhere. Plus, it’s just plain healthier.

  6. Take up gardening.

    The secret to a green thumb is being attentive to plants. It's the perfect quarantine activity, as you can take a break from the house but still be in your backyard. There are a lot of tasks to take your mind off things: weeding, watering, and best of all, eating the fruits and vegetables of your labor. Plus, think of how many germs are on the produce at the store.

  7. Call your parents.

    They might not understand why your career allows you to mostly goof off at home all day, but they'd still like to hear from you.

  8. Keep up with the times.

    Read the news of the world outside your house. By staying well-informed of changes in the local and world community, at least you'll be able to have enlightened debates with your cat.

  9. Keep Calm.

    Being in your house all day is a good thing. It's predictable. It's safe. It can be made to function exactly how you want it. Think of a house like a warm blanket that is made of wood and bricks and weighs tens of thousands of pounds.

  10. Wash your hands.

    Twenty seconds might seem like a lifetime for washing your hands, but it goes a long way to preventing the spread of viruses or Cheeto powder over every surface of your house. Just make sure you keep your keyboard, mouse, and phone clean too.

With a little humor, some common sense, and brotherly love we’ll get through this together — albeit, separately in isolation from the safety of our remote offices!

*These tips are for novelty value only. Please consult someone other than a graphic designer for real medical, career, or quarantine advice. 

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