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How to Boost High-Converting Email Sign-ups


Grow Your Email Marketing With Our Landing Page Best Practices

Email can be the hardest working tool in the digital marketer’s toolbox. When done right, it can also be the most effective. After all, a monthly email newsletter is a great way to stay connected with your customers, and it doesn’t have to be a lot of work.

It all starts when someone agrees to sign up for your email list. Simply create a signup form on your website, or use a landing page from a platform like MailChimp, which makes it simple to get started (for free).

Convincing someone to sign up for your email comes down to two things: Gaining that person’s trust and providing something of value. When you build your email signup forms or landing page, consider these four factors:

  1. Keep signup simple

    There’s only one thing you need to send someone an email, and that’s an email address. If you ask for too much, you’re less likely to get someone to complete the form.

    The only other thing I’d recommend is to ask for a first and last name so that you can personalize your messages.
  2. Make your intentions clear

    Email is a permission-based marketing platform. Before someone gives you his or her email address, be upfront what you’re going to deliver. If they’re signing up for your newsletter, that’s the only thing they’ve given you permission to send.

    You’re essentially making a promise. If you keep this promise, you’ll gain your subscriber’s trust. It will result in better rates for opens and click-throughs and delivery. Break that promise and you’re likely to end up in the trash or worse – be marked as spam.
  3. Give them something in return

    People prefer communicating with businesses through email. Emails can be valuable, so offer something of value in return. For example, you can offer something as simple as an e-book or a discount code or free shipping.

    If your website regularly features new products, your signup form can offer to send notices whenever something new arrives. Incentives like that are a good way to draw in new visitors and new subscribers.
  4. Encourage social sharing

    Nothing is more powerful than word-of-mouth. Include a link to encourage social sharing. And reward them when they do. By incentivizing sharing, it can lead to more signups.

Email works across platforms, on any device, on any operating system, and by 2021 there will be more than 4.1 billion email users worldwide. And for every dollar spent, email returns $38, the highest marketing ROI in the industry.

People don’t want to hear from you because you sell something. They want to hear from you because they trust you, are loyal to you, and are fans of your business. So make it easy to sign up for your list. Be transparent with what they’re signing up for. Reward them when they sign up and encourage others to do the same. You’ll not only see increased engagement with your customers, but also a better return on your email investment.

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