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MojoMediaPros Event Calendar – Your Guide to Connecting with Creatives in Nashville

There’s no doubt that Nashville is a great place to live and work. With its iconic southern charm, this “it” city fully embraces the entrepreneurial and creative community. Boasting a reputation as a hub to tech startups and creatives, our community is buzzing with supportive meetups. On any given week, you can find pockets of cross-discipline creatives gathering all across the city. So many, in fact, it’s hard to keep up! No worries, Mojo has you covered! Check out our NEW Mojo Events calendar!

Our Inspiration

When MojoMediaPros decided to build and maintain a Nashville events calendar, the project was motivated by a desire to share the events we are most passionate about. The result is a carefully curated calendar of local events for startups, entrepreneurs, and creative professionals.

Nashville Community

While many of our clients and team members are distributed around the country, Nashville-based MojoMediaPros maintains a strong sense of community, sparking the local Creative Community with a “Give-Back” attitude that reaches out to startups and creative professionals. Mojo CEO, Steve Lomas, serves as a long-standing mentor at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center.

We pride ourselves on our engagement in the community, and our event calendar truly is an extension of our lives here in Nashville. You are likely to find our team hobnobbing at a variety of local meetups and workshops, speaking at local events like the Craft Content Unconference, sponsoring creative professionals (Creative Mornings), or hosting collaborative Happy Hours (CRAMPS).

Join Us

Some bloggers invite you to share the books they’ve read (which we might do as well), but the Mojo Calendar is our way of inviting you to all the places we’re going!

If you want to engage the Creative Community in Nashville, check out the Mojo Event calendar, select an event and save it to your calendar. Let us show you around the Nashville community!

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