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Customer Testimonials

"We're so happy with the prototype MojoMediaPros built for coParenter. It's amazing! You put in so much work and it really shows— we can't thank you enough!"
— Jonathan Verk, CEO
Antique Archaeology
"MojoMediaPros are true professionals with amazing spirit and vision. We worked on American Picker Mike Wolfe's Art of the Pick project... It was an amazing process, beginning to end."
— Bill Kamper, Creative Director
"The Mojo team provided us with great insights, far beyond the statement of work. If you only have a rough understanding of what you need, MojoMediaPros will not only help you to design the product, but define it."
— Amnon Keynan, CEO
North Hills Automotive
"MojoMediaPros recently built a new website for our 30 year old company. They captured (and certainly sharpened) my vision for the site. Mojo definitely delivered! Everything about the project was clearly defined and on schedule."
— Ken Gamble, CEO
Shafer Walters Group
“We contracted MojoMediaPros to assist with design and project management. We were pleased with the quality of the design and the innovative thinking Mojo brought to the project.”
— Dan Shafer, Co-Founder
Cool Springs Brewery
"I have a friend in the UK who is a marketing director and when she saw our site, she said it was the best she had seen... MojoMediaPros really delivered on their promise... I got everything I wanted."
— Jane Hartland, Co-Owner
Nashville Toffee Co.
"When I saw a site that Mojo had done, I knew we had to be in contact with them. I can honestly say I gotten more than my money's worth."
— George Cohn, CEO
Fiduciary Consulting Group
"MojoMediaPros quickly captured the essence of our system and quickly turned it into a professional product demo that has raised the level of credibility for our compliance services with prospective clients,"
— Larry E. Crocker, CEO
"MojoMediaPros really delivered on our Sesame Learning project. The UX was solid and the screen designs were elegant. Mojo even delivered on Sesame's furry interface challenge!"
— Chipp Walters, CEO
Thermal Rid
“Our best decision was hiring MojoMediaPros. They helped revitalize a stale and busy website and we are now seeing more traffic and better calls per click. I would encourage anyone to put their faith in MojoMediaPros."
— Eric Soloway, Owner
Brentwood Clean
"I like working with MojoMediaPros because they always take my calls, or get right back to me. Whatever I need, they get right on it... and there's no surprises."
— Jeannie Crane, Owner
“MojoMediaPros exceeded my expectations, leading us through an iterative process of prototyping and user validation… They always seemed to ask the right questions to maximize user feedback and refine our business model.”
— Matthew Myles, CEO