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MojoMediaPros Services: Strategy

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Let's agree on the basics...

The sad truth is that too many businesses tackle marketing as a series of stand-alone projects, and it shows! Door-to-door salespeople and phone-soliciting newspaper ad-teams target small business owners talking them into all sorts of a-la-carte marketing programs...

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MojoMediaPros Services: Branding

What is Branding, Anyway?

Your company's image, or brand, is paramount to creating a favorable first impression that opens the door to a relationship with your customers. What sets your goods or services apart? Who is your audience? What is the personality of your organization? The essence of branding lies in finding answers to these questions and others...

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MojoMediaPros Services:  UX/UI Design

UX Design Workshops

Most product design engagements will kick off with a one or two-day UX workshop facilitated by our team of experienced UX professionals. Expect to engage in a lively, comprehensive, and highly collaborative dialogue to uncover fresh insights about your business. Through a series of discussions and exercises, we will work together to evolve the right solution for your product, app or website...

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MojoMediaPros Services: Web Design

Business-Savvy Web Dev

A good website levels the playing field, allowing your business to compete with rivals many times your size. Done well, it is a powerful marketing tool, promoting your business 24/7. On the other hand, if it is hastily conceived or poorly executed, it can actually work against you, turning off potential customers...

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MojoMediaPros Services: Mobile Apps Design-Build

Prepare For The Next Wave!

In little more than a decade, mobile apps for iOS and Android have gone from abstract concepts shared among elite software developers to everyday tools in the pockets of smartphone users around the globe. Recently, however, a new trend has emerged. According to Forrester Research...

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MojoMediaPros Services: SEO

Search Engine Optimization

Every industry has its acronyms. Most remain obscure. There’s one acronym, however, that seems to be on the tip of everyone’s tongue. That acronym is "SEO". Search Engine Optimization is the art and science of making your website visible to search engines, so customers can find you...

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MojoMediaPros Services: Content Marketing

What is content marketing?

Content Marketing is all the buzz these days. Perhaps you've wondered what it's all about? Simply stated, the goal of Content Marketing is to attract customers by creating compelling content that satisfies the searcher's intent to learn...

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MojoMediaPros Services: Email Marketing

Still Effective

Those who claim that Email Marketing is dead must be unaware of its evolution. Email Marketing is anything but dead. With the introduction of new tools and techniques, email marketing can be a powerhouse for your business...

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MojoMediaPros Services: SEM

Search Engine Marketing

SEM is an acronym for Search Engine Marketing, which refers to the practice of gaining website traffic by purchasing ads on search engines. Accordingly, SEM is also referred to as Paid Search and sometimes PPC or Pay-Per-Click. At one time, SEM had a broader meaning which included SEO, but today, in most circles, the term is exclusively synonymous with Paid Search...

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MojoMediaPros Services: Social Media Management

Authentic Customer Engagement

Your social media is an extension of your company's personality. While we can help you create and distribute content that aligns with your brand, we can’t replicate or impersonate the personal relationships you have with your staff and customers. Our job is to work alongside you to draw out what is unique about your company because that’s what will resonate with your audience...

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MojoMediaPros Services: Social Media Advertising

Highly-Targeted Advertising

Social Media Advertising (SMA) includes paid advertising on such platforms as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. SMA campaigns are highly-personalized for your audience. MojoMediaPros’ intelligent audience targeting practices lead to more clicks, resulting in more traffic, and ultimately more leads and increased sales...

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MojoMediaPros Services: Local Search Identity Management

Identity Management (IDM)

Local Search is the first (and sometimes only) impression customers have of your business. Over 50% of all searchers are searching from mobile devices and these users expect one-touch access to your business hours, services, reviews, directions, and reservations without ever visiting your website. That's because most local searchers never leave the search engine results page (SERP)...

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MojoMediaPros Services: Photography & Video

Why Original Photography?

There is no better or more cost-effective way to establish your brand’s authority and stimulate interest than by committing to stunning, high-quality original photography and videography...

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MojoMediaPros Services: Project Management as a Service

Project Mgmnt as a Service

It should be no surprise that MojoMediaPros has a process for managing the creative deliverables we produce for our clients, but you may not realize that we also offer Project Management as a Service (PMaaS) to enterprise clients. MojoMediapros delivers cross-discipline, take-the-hill project leadership for enterprise software design and development. In fact ...

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MojoMediaPros Services: Reporting & Analytics

How To Improve ROI

Implementing your Marketing Action Plan is not the end game, it’s a means to an end — engaging your audience to build long-lasting relationships. You might be asking yourself, “So, how do I know if our marketing efforts are effective?” The answer is to monitor and measure...

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MojoMediaPros Services: Hosting

Managed Hosting Provider

From its inception in 2003, MojoMediaPros was an early adopter of CMS (Content Management System) technologies. We determined early on that the best way to ensure a stable website platform and a consistent experience to our web clients was to become a provider of managed hosting services...

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