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MojoMediaPros Services: Branding

What is Branding, Anyway?

Your company's image, or brand, is paramount to creating a favorable first impression that opens the door to a relationship with your customers.

What sets your goods or services apart? Who is your audience? What is the personality of your organization?

The essence of branding lies in finding answers to these questions and others. How customers perceive an organization profoundly influences their purchasing decisions. One study indicated that 64% of consumers mention shared values as their basis for beginning new business relationships.

Brand Development

Clearly, your company values matter and need to be evident in your branding. Whether creating a new brand or updating an existing brand, both exercises begin with discovery and assessment, which leads to research, and culminates in a brand strategy.


Branding is all about telling the story behind your business – consider why you started or are starting your business? What are the values and mission you wish to represent? Establishing your story is the starting point for creating and implementing a compelling brand strategy. Finding that story is an important part of the discovery process.


Assessing the strength of your brand can be difficult and confusing, but the process can begin by thoughtfully answering a few simple questions.

Is your brand easily relatable to your target audience? Is the uniqueness of what you are offering represented by your brand? Is the promise you are making to your targeted audience reflected by your brand?

If the answers are not clear to you, they will not likely be clear to your customers either.


Perhaps worse than not having answers to the above questions is assuming you know what the consumer is thinking — without ever asking! Whether it’s for branding a company or developing a product, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of talking to customers.

Our Nashville-based researchers conduct two-week research sprints — in person or virtually — validating assumptions, uncovering missing information, and discovering unspoken biases with SWAT-like precision. Findings are presented and published at the close of each sprint.

Brand Strategy

Research findings are the basis for making informed decisions. Formulating or solidifying your brand strategy is an important element of MojoMediaPros’ MAP service offering.

Testing & Refinement

Great brands, the ones that create an instant connection between a company and its customers, are built over time through testing and refinement. The two go hand-in-hand.

Branding myopia? Contact Mojo to solidify your brand.

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