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App Design-Build

MojoMediaPros Services: Mobile Apps Design-Build

Our Approach to Web & Mobile App Design & Development

Whether designing a mobile app or a web app, rushing to a coded solution is a common mistake made by entrepreneurs and corporate innovation teams alike. Why? Iterating in code is time-consuming and expensive!

The answer is, user research, Iterative prototyping, and user validation. This approach consistently results in a better product and more efficient development. While it is hard to put a firm number on the ROI, we believe a conservative estimate is every dollar spent prototyping, testing and iterating saves four development dollars (4:1), compared to iterating in code. We’ve had veteran CTO’s and Senior Developers argue the point, telling us the savings is more like 10:1.

Besides the cost savings, there are other benefits, too:

  • Less wasted developer cycles equate to happier developers, improving morale and velocity.
  • Having a prototype in hand allows you to shop for the best developer-to-product “fit”.

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Prepare For The Next Wave!

In little more than a decade, mobile apps for iOS and Android have gone from abstract concepts shared among elite software developers to everyday tools in the pockets of smartphone users around the globe. Recently, however, a new trend has emerged. According to Forrester Research, the average number of apps a smartphone user is downloading each month is zero. They refer to the phenomenon as app fatigue. Of course, we all still download some apps, just not very often, and apparently not often enough to move the monthly average above zero in whole numbers.

So, what is going on? One theory is that most smartphone users have already discovered the apps we use on a daily basis, and rarely add new apps. But with thousands of smartphone apps being published each day, that doesn't seem to tell the whole story. Another theory is that mobile-friendly websites are becoming more and more useful and prevalent, creating less need for native apps — and there are no installation hassles involved with mobile websites. We believe there is truth in both theories, but the latter hints at something we believe to be the next big wave in mobile apps...

Progressive Web Apps – PWA

The Future Is Now

Even as we continue to design and develop engaging native apps, we are witnessing another monumental shift in the mobile world – Progressive Web Apps (PWA). PWA is the future of mobile-optimized web content.

No more wrestling with the question of Website vs. App – PWA combines the best of both.

Progressive Web Apps offer features once belonging to the realm of native apps alone; such as:

  • Push notifications
  • Installable to the home screen
  • Native app-like navigation
  • Opening up to full screen
  • No download required

One App Across All Platforms

Not to mention that PWA offers the incredible benefit of just one app across all devices, allowing customers to experience your brand seamlessly from any device. Just one app for iOS and Android. This incredible flexibility, along with the freedom to self-publish, makes PWA the mobile strategy of the future. Imagine – no app store, no developer account, no regulations, no waiting! Your customer's experience becomes instantly engaging with PWA that are:

  • Easy to find - identified by search engines, allowing the app to come up in the search results
  • Always up-to-date - the app is always displayed in its most recent version, so no manual updates are needed

One-Stop Shop

MojoMediaPros is fully equipped to manage the entire app design-build process from inception to deployment. Be sure to read about our Project Management as a Service offering.

Got a vision? Contact MojoMediaPros to mobilize your ideas.

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