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MojoMediaPros Services: Project Management as a Service

Project Managment as a Service

It should be no surprise that MojoMediaPros has a process for managing the creative deliverables we produce for our clients, but you may not realize that we also offer Project Management as a Service (PMaaS) to enterprise clients. MojoMediapros delivers cross-discipline, take-the-hill project leadership for enterprise software design and development. In fact, over the years, we have managed significant software projects for some pretty notable companies like Wiley & Sons, ACT, College Board, Capital Insurance Group, Xerox and Discovery Channel.

MojoMediaPros can guide any team to higher levels of success by encouraging strengths and tempering weaknesses in pursuit of a common vision. We are fully equipped to manage the entire design-build process from inception to deployment; allowing you to focus on what you do best — running your business!

MOjO logo 256 gray  5D Methodology

We organize projects into 5 distinct phases — Define, Discover, Design, Develop, Deploy — our 5D process.

  • Client
  • Producer
  • Subject Expert
  • Architecture/UX
  • UI Design
  • Development
  • QA Testing
d flow

Activities and Deliverables

define1 define2
define1 discover2 define3 discover4
design1 design2
  • define1 define2

    D1 Define

    • Proposal & SOW
    • High-level Scope
    • High-level Schedule
    • Budget
    • PMP
  • define1 discover2 define3 discover4

    D2 Discover

    • Discovery Audit
    • Scope Analysis
    • Requirements
    • Workflows
    • Wire Frames
    • UX Research
    • Personas
    • User Stories
    • Product Features
    • Detailed Schedules
  • design1 design2

    D3 Design

    • Design Spec
    • Low and High-Fidelity Designs
    • Interactive Prototypes
    • Test Plan
  • develop

    D4 Develop

    • Sprint Plans
    • Issue Tickets
    • Burn-Down Charts
    • Unit-Tested Code
  • deploy

    D5 Deploy

    • Release Notes
    • Production Code
    • User Acceptance

How We Manage Projects

Every MojoMediaPros project begins with a Project Management Plan. The art of project management is to provide appropriate structure and process commensurate with the scope of the project being managed. It makes no sense to organize a short project, spanning a few days or weeks with a handful of actors the same way we might manage a year-long, multi-million dollar engagement. Nonetheless, both require management.

Much like our approach to prototyping, providing enough process and structure, without burdening the team, is always the goal.

Proposed Roles & Responsibilities

Roles and responsibilities are established early and documented in a RAR matrix for the benefit of the entire project team.

Meeting Plan

In addition to regular communication, we recommend a weekly status meeting. If not face-to-face, these meetings will be facilitated via GoToMeeting.

Communication Plan

MojoMediaPros uses a combination of Basecamp and Google Docs as its collaboration platform. We believe that transparency and open collaboration are key to successful implementation.

Issues & Risk Management

Issues and risks will be documented in Basecamp and reviewed in the weekly status meeting. Issues and risks should be called out immediately via either Basecamp or direct email, at the discretion of the reporter. For larger projects, we typically employ Jira or a similar support ticket management platform. Calling MojoMediaPros will reduce project risk and increase success probability.

Work smarter. Contact Mojo to manage your design-build projects.

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