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Reporting & Analytics

MojoMediaPros Services: Reporting & Analytics

How To Improve Marketing ROI

Implementing your Marketing Action Plan is not the end game, it’s a means to an end — engaging your audience to build long-lasting relationships. You might be asking yourself, “So, how do I know if our marketing efforts are effective?” The answer is to monitor and measure the results of your marketing programs to identify what is working and what is not.

MojoMediaPros provides monthly updates in the form of two customized companion reports:

  • Multi-Channel Digital Performance Report
  • Activity Highlights Report

Digital Performance Report

Our monthly Multi-Channel Digital Performance Report aggregates relevant metrics across your digital channels, creating a data-picture of your business. These insights allow us to make essential course corrections to optimize your marketing.

Multi-channel metrics include:

  • Search Engine metrics
  • User and device metrics
  • Local Search metrics
  • SEM performance
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Social Media Ad performance
MojoMediaPros monthly Digital Performance report illustration

Activity Highlights Report

Our monthly Activity Highlights Report includes our interpretation of your data along with recent and planned activities. Typical activities include web enhancements, blogging, campaign optimization and SEO initiatives.

The report is comprised of three sections:

  • Data analysis of the prior month’s Digital Performance Report
  • Key activities for the previous month
  • Recommendations and Next Steps, outlining upcoming work to be done

MojoMediaPros monthly Activity Highlights report illustration

Data vacuum? Contact Mojo to measure your way to success.

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