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MojoMediaPros Services: Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising

SMA is personalized, highly-targeted, advertising which includes paid advertising on such platforms as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. SMA campaigns are highly-personalized for your audience. MojoMediaPros’ intelligent audience targeting practices lead to more clicks, resulting in more traffic, and ultimately more leads and increased sales.

Mega Audiences

According to Statista, 81% of the U.S. population was using some form of social media in 2017. This is an amazing statistic, but not difficult to believe when you look at the massive user base numbers reported by these social media platforms for the United States in 2017...

2017 Users by Platform  ( U.S. users only )

Big Data = Unprecedented Opportunity

As social media networks continue to grow, these mega-platforms provide your business with unprecedented opportunity to reach specific customer personas with their sophisticated audience targeting capabilities.

For example, Facebook stores data on each user’s demographics, online activities, background, trends, and interests. They even provide their advertisers with the ability to target users based on offline activity acquired through partnered data sources. Although it may seem a bit creepy, the goal is to connect your business with people who actually care about the goods and services you offer, thus keeping them engaged and improving their Facebook experience. It’s a win-win scenario for everyone.  

When you advertise on an outdoor billboard, you are paying the same amount for each “view” or “impression” whether that person fits your buyer persona or not. Whereas, when you run an ad on Facebook, you know that the audience fits the designated criteria you have chosen that you have set. All of your Impressions (views) are plausible buyers, increasing your potential ROI.

MojoMediaPros takes the extra time required to create campaigns that are backed by audience research. Additionally, we’ll continue to review your results and optimize your campaigns regularly.  Each month, you can anticipate a thorough report of your ad performance and an overview of our activities.

Go Social! Contact Mojo to explore Social Media advertising.

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