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Your Startup: How to Plan a Marketing Budget


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One of the fun things I get to do is mentor at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center. Over the course of several years mentoring many founders, I’ve come to understand how little practical understanding many first-time founders possess when it comes to establishing a marketing budget for their startup. 

Certainly, part of the problem is a lack of transparency and a true reluctance by agencies to speak openly about pricing. I get it — every business is different and we don’t want to commit to a number before we know all the facts. Even so, there are professional thresholds which we shouldn’t be afraid to share in order to promote realistic budgeting expectations. 

With this in mind, our team decided to research and write "Your Startup: How to Plan a Marketing Budget" — a white paper to help entrepreneurs plan the marketing budget for their startup. In doing so, we have tried to balance the notion of lean with practical and realistic.

The resulting document includes various sources, considerations, and methodologies tempered by our own agency experience to frame some dollars and “sense” budget ranges for everything from strategy to website development and content marketing.

Some will say our numbers are low; others will say they are high. Pricing is subjective.

It would be wrong to say this paper is all-encompassing, but of this we are sure: the guidance offered will help prepare entrepreneurs (any business owner) to have more meaningful conversations while shopping for their digital marketing agency of choice.

The white paper is FREE to download from our website.

Please share your thoughts. We are open to any constructive feedback that can make this resource even more useful to startup founders in future releases.

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