2020 Panel

2020panel.com Website Restyling by MojoMediaPros

2020panel.com Website Restyling by MojoMediaPros

2020 Panel is a membership portal for 2020 Research, a Nashville based consumer research company.

2020 had recently completed an internal refresh of their corporate website. They wanted the styling of their membership portal to reflect the more modern look and feel of the new corporate site. The problem was, the membership site was built on an arcane industry-specific CMS that offered vital business functionality but not much in the way of modern styling options.

So, 2020 asked MojoMediaPros if we could redesign their membership portal using only CSS (i.e., no HTML changes) and we had to do this without any disruption of service. This request was somewhat like patching a tire on a vehicle while rolling down the highway at 60 miles an hour!

Not our typical engagement, but we accepted the challenge and two weeks later, mission accomplished.