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Why You Should Start Planning For The Holidays Now



Get Ahead of the Season and Drive Your Holiday Sales

It might seem like the holiday season is far off, but with the 4th of July officially in the rearview mirror, there’s no better time to start planning. Let’s take a look at major themes you can focus on with your holiday campaigns:

  1. Brand Awareness

    If you don’t have specific products or services you want to highlight during the holiday season, consider putting together a campaign solely focused on introducing your brand to customers. Think about values you’ve instilled into your company that you can build a campaign around.

  2. Video Content

    The holidays provide a lot of opportunities to deliver clever and/or heartfelt videos. Take advantage of the season and drive your message home with a well-thought-out film ad. Film ads increase purchase intent by up to 97%, and positive brand associations by up to 139% (Hubspot Research).

  3. Give Back

    Does your company sponsor a non-profit or does your team regularly have volunteer outings? The holidays are a great time to highlight how your business has contributed to your community!

  4. End-of-Year Review

    Select a handful of your top achievements from the year to show off to your customers. Think about any awards you won, your most highly-rated projects, or even better-than-usual customer interactions. If ever there’s a time to brag, it’s at the end of the year!

  5. Showcase Your Customers

    Speaking of better-than-usual customer interactions, don’t be afraid to involve your customers in your campaigns! Invite real customers (keyword: real) to speak about how your business has positively affected them. This can be done regarding a certain product or service you want to drive sales for or you can keep it general to serve as brand awareness. 

More holiday tips...

  • Have your seasonal content ready – Will you change out your imagery across your social media, website, blogs, and your emails in order to reflect the holidays and the season? Be sure to be timely with these updates! You don’t want Thanksgiving imagery still hanging around close to the New Year. 
  • Get clear on your inclement weather plan – You may have a plan in place for communicating with your staff when your business is closed for inclement weather, but does your business closing also affect your customers? If so, be sure you know exactly how you’ll communicate with your customers.
  • Don’t forget to say thanks – How can you say thanks to your customers? Will you send out an e-blast? Send top customers a special gift? Expressing gratitude is important during any time of year, but it especially stands out during the craziness of the holidays.
  • Start driving sales now – You know which products/services of yours do best during the holidays and you know which don’t. For those that don’t, can you create campaigns now to drive sales? Use this time before the holidays kick in to focus on these products!
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